A list of additional separator characters.

HPE Content Component uses separators to determine where one word ends and the next one starts. For each language that HPE Content Component supports, it has a list of appropriate characters that it automatically reads as separators, such as spaces, tabs, line feeds, and carriage returns.

To ensure that HPE Content Component reads a specific character as a separator, list it in the AugmentSeparators parameter (in unencoded UTF-8).


Certain characters that have a special meaning in HPE Content Component queries override any separators that you set. For example, you can use a colon (:) in a query to differentiate between a term and its field (for example, dog:ANIMAL). Even if you add : as a separator (by specifying it in AugmentSeparators), it acts as a field delimiter in querying. However, in indexing, : does not have a special meaning, and therefore acts as a separator.

Type: String
Required: No
Configuration Section: LanguageTypes or MyLanguage
Example: AugmentSeparators=!;.
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If you change this setting after you have indexed content into HPE Content Component, you must reindex the content.