Set GenericTransliteration to True to apply transliteration (accent removal) to all languages and use a single generic transliteration scheme. By default, HPE Content Component applies transliteration to Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Spanish, and Portuguese. Transliteration is optional for Western European, German, Scandinavian, and Russian.

Transliteration is the process of converting accented characters such as øù into equivalent non-accented characters. This option is useful in environments where accented keyboards are not available.

You can alter transliteration settings for individual languages by using the Transliteration configuration parameter in the individual language configuration sections.

For more information about the transliteration schemes that HPE Content Component uses, refer to IDOL Expert.

Type: Boolean
Required: No
Configuration Section: LanguageTypes
Example: GenericTransliteration=True
See Also: Transliteration

If you change this setting after you have indexed content into HPE Content Component, you must reindex the content.