The default language type (language and encoding) to use for documents of unspecified language.

HPE Content Component uses this language type for documents when:

DefaultLanguageType also specifies the default for the LanguageType parameter in actions such as and Summarize.

If you do not set DefaultLanguageType and you do not specify the language type in actions, HPE Content Component uses the first language type defined in the [MyLanguage] section.

If you do not set the DefaultEncoding configuration parameter and you do not set the OutputEncoding action parameter, HPE Content Component uses the encoding specified in the LanguageType action parameter, or in the DefaultLanguageType configuration parameter if you do not use the LanguageType action parameter.


If the encoding of a document is found, but the language is not, HPE Content Component can apply a [General] language, if it is defined, and if automatic language detection is activated.

Type: String
Required: No
Configuration Section: LanguageTypes
Example: DefaultLanguageType=englishASCII
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