Returns all the possible values of the specified FieldName.


The GetTagValues action returns all the stored values of the specified field, which might include values from documents that have been deleted.


This action uses port 9000 to request all different values of the Grape field from HPE Content Component which is located on a machine with the IP address This action allows you, for example, to return all grape varieties stored in an HPE Content Component wine database.


Parameter Description Required
CaseSensitive Whether to match the Restriction fields case sensitively.  
FieldName The names of the fields whose values you want to return. Yes
LanguageType The language type of the FieldName.  
MaxValues The maximum number of top results to display.  
Merge Merges the values of multiple parametric fields.  
OutputEncoding The encoding to convert results to.  
Restriction One or more fields that restrict the parametric search.  
Sort The display order to use for results.  
Start Print results from this position onwards.  
Synchronous Whether to run the action synchronously or asynchronously.  
TotalValues Whether to display the total number of matches.  

This action accepts the following standard ACI action parameters.

Parameter Description
ActionID A string to use to identify an ACI action.
EncryptResponse Encrypt the output.
FileName The file to write output to.
ForceTemplateRefresh Forces the server to load the template from disk.
Output Writes output to a file.
ResponseFormat The format of the action output.
Template The template to use for the action output.
TemplateParamCSVs A list of variables to use for the specified template.