The Ranges parameter allows you to define ranges of values to use in the parametric results.

By default, HPE Content Component uses parametric ranges when FieldName refers to a ParametricRangeType field, and it automatically calculates the appropriate values for ranges, according to the value of the Ranges configuration parameter. The Ranges action parameter allows you to specify the exact ranges to use, and allows you to create ranges for fields that are not configured as ParametricRangeType.

Specify the values for a range in the format:




is a comma-separated list of the boundaries of the ranges that you want to use. You must specify at least two values, in increasing numeric order. You can use a period (.) as the first or last element in the list, to specify open-ended ranges. You can also use scientific notation to specify values, by using an E (for example, 1E6 is 1,000,000).

The ranges are lower bound inclusive, and upper bound exclusive. For example, if you specify {0,5,10} as your ranges, the ranges are 0-5 and 5-10, and the value 5 is included in the 5-10 range.


is the name of the field that you want to return the range values for. You must also list this field in the FieldName parameter. The field can be any ParametricType or NumericType field, a metadata field, or a field created in the UserMetaFields parameter. You can use Wildcards to specify normal fields, but you must explicitly list any user metafields.

You can also use fields that are not configured as ParametricType or NumericType if you set AllowNonParametricFields to True.

To specify multiple range sets for different fields, separate each group with a plus symbol.


If you specify multiple range groups, and the same field name matches more than one set (for example, because of a Wildcard), the result returns only the first range that matches.

Actions: GetQueryTagValues
Type: Boolean
Default: False
Example: Ranges=FIXED{.,50,100,150,200,.}:PRICE+FIXED{0,1000,2000,3000}:BAL*
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