The method to use to order the initial query results that GetQueryTagValues uses to return tag values.

By default, when you use Combine or MaxResults, the GetQueryTagValues action sorts the query results in reverse order of the document ID. For example, if you set MaxResults to N, the action examines N documents for query matches, and returns tag values from the matching documents with the highest document IDs.

You can use QuerySort to specify a different sort option to determine which tags the action returns. In this case, MaxResults specifies the number of sorted documents to return tag values from.


You specify the sort order that the result tag values return in by using the Sort parameter.

You can use the following sort options, which are the same as the Query action Sort parameter: 

If you want to sort results by several criteria, specify these criteria in order of precedence, as follows:


if you set Cluster as one of multiple sorting options, it automatically takes precedence over the other sorting options, regardless of its position in the list.

For example:


In this example, results order first by Relevance, then alphabetically by DRETITLE, and finally by Date.


You cannot use the QuerySort parameter with prediction. If you set Predict to True and also set QuerySort, HPE Content Component uses the QuerySort and does not use prediction.

Actions: GetQueryTagValues
Type: String
Default: DocIDDecreasing
Example: QuerySort=Date
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