Set Predict to True to predict the parametric value counts for your documents if the number of matching documents exceeds the configured threshold. This option has an effect only when you set DocumentCount to True. Predicting the value counts increases the query speed.

You configure the threshold by using the ParametricResultsPredictionThreshold or ParametricResultsPredictionThresholdPercentage parameters.

If you enable prediction, HPE Content Component returns an <autn:predicted> tag in the response to indicate whether it used prediction. This tag contains a Boolean value, which is True if the query matched enough documents to reach the prediction threshold. If the prediction threshold was not reached and the values are exact, <autn:predicted> contains the value False.

Set Predict to False to guarantee that HPE Content Component examines each document.


You cannot use prediction with the QuerySort parameter. If you set Predict to True and also set QuerySort, HPE Content Component uses the QuerySort and does not use prediction.

Actions: GetQueryTagValues
Type: Boolean
Default: False
Example: Predict=True
See Also: ParametricResultsPredictionThreshold