A comma-separated list of the field types to return. You can use the following values:

ACL ACLType fields.
ALL All fields.
AUTNRANK AutnRankType fields.
BITFIELD BitFieldType fields.
DATABASE DatabaseType fields.
DATE DateType fields.
EXPIREDATE ExpireDateType fields.
FIELDCHECK FieldCheckType fields.
FLATTENINDEX FlattenIndexType fields.
HIGHLIGHT HighlightType fields.
INDEX Index fields.
INDEXWEIGHT Index fields that have a weight value that is not 1 (the default weight). The weight of fields returns as an attribute.
INVERTEDAGENT InvertedAgentType fields.
LANGUAGE LanguageType fields.
MATCH MatchType fields.
NUMERICDATE NumericDateType fields.
NUMERIC NumericType fields.
PARAMETRIC ParametricType fields.
PRINT PrintType fields.
REFERENCE ReferenceType fields.
SECTIONBREAK SectionBreakType fields.
SECURITY SecurityType fields.
SORT SortType fields.
SOURCE SourceType fields.
SYNONYM SynonymType fields.
TITLE TitleType fields.
Actions: GetTagNames
Type: String
See Also: Properties Configuration Parameters