Set FieldDependenceMultiLevel to True to use a hierarchical structure to display FieldDependence result values for multiple fields.


Setting FieldDependenceMultiLevel to True automatically sets FieldDependence to True.

By default, the results return in a flat structure that lists the value of the first field from the FieldName parameter in the <autn:value> tag, followed by <autn:subvalue> tags that list the values of subsequent fields. When you set FieldDependenceMultiLevel to True, the values are listed in a hierarchy, with the first field at the top, and subsequent fields underneath it. For example:

   <autn:field value="CABERNET" count="3">
      <autn:field value="MERLOT" count="2" />
      <autn:field value="MALBEC" count="1" />

The count attribute shows how many instances of the value occur in the result documents. For the first field, the count is the total number of times that the value occurs. For the subsequent fields in the hierarchy, the count shows how many times that value occurs with the corresponding value of the previous fields. The previous example represents two occurrences of the set Field1=CABERNET, Field2=MERLOT, and one occurrence of the set Field1=CABERNET, Field2=MALBEC.

If you set ValueDetails to True when FieldDependenceMultiLevel is set to True, HPE Content Component prints the details for the last FieldName in the hierarchy, in the context of the previous fields.

Actions: GetQueryTagValues
Type: Boolean
Default: False
Example: FieldDependenceMultiLevel=True
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