Type one of the following to control the indexing of an index job:

Option Description

Pauses the current indexing job until you set IndexAction to Restart. You can pause only DREADD, DREADDDATA and DRECOMPACT index actions.

NOTE: If you pause an indexing job and then stop HPE Content Component without cancelling the indexing job, the index action continues automatically when you restart HPE Content Component.
Restart Restarts the current indexing job (after it has been paused).

Aborts the indexing job.This option does not stop index jobs that are already in progress, except for DREADD, DREADDDATA and DRECOMPACT index actions.


If you cancel a DRECOMPACT index action, the next DRECOMPACT index action that you send resumes whether the interrupted compaction stopped.

SetPriority Changes the priority of an indexing job in the queue. This option does not affect the current job. To use this option, you must also set the Priority parameter.

For the Pause or Restart action, it is always the current index job that pauses or restarts. If you set IndexAction to Cancel or SetPriority, you can specify the index job to affect by using the Index parameter.

Actions: IndexerGetStatus
Type: String

This action changes the priority of index job 125 to 50.

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