Verity Query Language (VQL) Search

If you have upgraded to HPE Content Component from a legacy Verity installation, you can carry on using Verity Query Language (VQL) by typing it as the query text and adding the VQL parameter to the query string.

For example:

http://localhost:9000/action=Query&Text=cat <AND> dog&VQL=True

This query returns only documents that contain both cat and dog.

http://localhost:9000/action=Query&Text=red <NEAR/1> green&VQL=True

This query returns only documents in which the term red is adjacent to the term green. This query returns documents that contain the phrases red green, green red or green and red (and is a stop word and is therefore ignored). Documents that contain red orange green do not return (because the terms are not close enough to each other).


You cannot include the FieldText parameter in a VQL query.

Refer to IDOL Expert for more information.