Allows you to display the content of one or more specified documents or document sections.


This action uses port 9000 to send a request for the content of the document with the ID 10 to HPE Content Component, which is located on a machine with the IP address


Parameter Description Required
Boolean The format of the terms in the Links parameter.  
Characters The number of characters that a summary can contain.  
DatabaseMatch The database to retrieve results from.  
EndTag The end HTML tag to apply to highlighted terms.  
FieldRecurse Returns the chain of values in a document ReferenceMemoryMappedType field.  
FieldRestriction Restricts a query to specified fields. See Comments
HardFieldRestriction Whether to use only the fields that you list in the FieldRestriction parameter for matching in the Text and FieldText parameters. See Comments
Highlight Whether to highlight link terms or sentences in the results.  
HighlightTagTerm Adds an attribute to the StartTag to indicate the term that is highlighted.  
ID The ID of the documents to return. See Comments
IgnoreSpecials Treat special characters as normal characters in query syntax. See Comments
LanguageType The language type of the terms.  
Links The terms to highlight.  
MatchAllTerms Return only results that match all terms in a query. See Comments
MaxPrintChars The maximum number of terms to print in fields.  
OutputEncoding The encoding to convert the results to.  
Print The option to use to determine the fields to display.  
PrintEngine Whether to display information about the DAH child servers that results come from.  
PrintFields The fields to display in the results documents.  
Reference The references of documents to return.  
ReferenceField The reference field that contains the references listed for Reference. See Comments
SecurityInfo The security details.  
Sentences The number of sentences that the summary can contain.  
StartTag The opening HTML tag to apply to highlighted terms.  
StateID A state token that specifies the documents to return. See Comments
Stemming Whether to disable stemming so that only documents that contain exact matches of query terms can return as results. See Comments
Summary The type of summary to return with the document.  
Synchronous Whether to run the action synchronously or asynchronously.  
XMLMeta Whether to return additional metadata for each result.  

This action accepts the following standard ACI action parameters.

Parameter Description
ActionID A string to use to identify an ACI action.
EncryptResponse Encrypt the output.
FileName The file to write output to.
ForceTemplateRefresh Forces the server to load the template from disk.
Output Writes output to a file.
ResponseFormat The format of the action output.
Template The template to use for the action output.
TemplateParamCSVs A list of variables to use for the specified template.


You must set one of the following parameters or parameter combinations:

To use the following query parameters, you must set the Boolean parameter to True:


If you use a Distributed Action Handler (DAH) to distribute the GetContent action, you cannot use any parameters that specify document IDs. Use parameters that identify documents by their reference instead.