Set ShowReasons to True to return additional information in the response for each result document, displaying the words, phrases, and expressions in the document that match the query Text.

The <autn:reasons> result tag contains an <autn:name> tag for each field that contains a match, and an <autn:reason> tag for each matching expression. The <autn:reason> tag also contains a positions attribute, which lists the field code for a matching field, followed by the byte offset for each match in that field. For example:

<autn:name code="12">DOCUMENT/DRECONTENT</autn:name>
<autn:name code="14">DOCUMENT/INDEXFIELD</autn:name>
<autn:reason positions="(12)169,450,644,1167,1337,1435,(14)0">fish</autn:reason>
<autn:reason positions="(12)226,358,1610">fishing</autn:reason>
Actions: Query
Type: Boolean
Default: False
Example: ShowReasons=True
See Also: Text