Set QueryStats to True to return information about the optimal DRECONTENT field content to use for an AgentBoolean rule.

AgentBoolean rules can contain Boolean matching expressions in an IDX field. However, when you use AgentBoolean rules to match documents, HPE Content Component matches the DRECONTENT field of the rule first. You can optimize AgentBoolean queries by ensuring that the DRECONTENT field contains matching text that reduces the number of documents that the rule must evaluate against the Boolean expression.

To find the optimal DRECONTENT value, set Text to the Boolean matching expression that you want to use in your AgentBoolean rule, and set QueryStats to True. The DocumentStats action returns the optimal value, and specifies whether a Wildcard value is required to match the Boolean expression.

For more information about creating AgentBoolean rules for agents and categories, refer to the IDOL Server Administration Guide, and IDOL Expert.

Actions: DocumentStats
Type: Boolean
Default: False
Example: QueryStats=True
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