Allows you to specify FieldText that linked documents must match when you use the LINK field specifier in the FieldText parameter.

You can use the LINK field specifier to specify a ReferenceMemoryMappedType field to link your query to connected documents. In documents that match the Text portion of the query, HPE Content Component matches the value of the specified LINK field to documents that have this value as a reference. It then matches the LinkFieldText in these linked documents, and returns only documents where the document matches the query, and its linked document matches the LinkFieldText.

For example, you might have a set of documents by different users, and a set of user profiles for those users. You can use LINK and LinkFieldText to find documents that match your query, written by a user with a specific value in their user profile.

The LinkFieldText expression must be a simple FieldText expression, that is, it must use either all AND or all OR Boolean expressions. The fields that you use in the expressions must be MatchType, NumericDateType, NumericType, or ParametricType (when ParametricNumericMapping is enabled).

You cannot use metadata fields in the LinkFieldText expression, including the HPE IDOL default metadata fields, and fields created by using the UserMetaFields parameter.






Type: String

The linked document must have the value Football in the INTEREST field for the document to return as a result.

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