The modes to use to highlight text. You can use one or more of the following options. Separate multiple options with plus symbols. There must be no space before or after a plus symbol.


If you use field restrictions with the query, HPE Content Component highlights only terms in the specified fields.

You must not combine the Terms option with the Sentences option, or the SummarySentences option with the SummaryTerms option.

If you set the AgentBooleanField parameter for your query, you can also use the following options:


By default, highlighting does not take proximity matching into account. It highlights a term or sentence each time it occurs, even if a particular occurrence does not match the query proximity expression.

The Proximity option highlights the span that includes each term in the proximity expression, excluding any occurrences of terms that do not match the proximity expression. For example, when highlighting the expression cat NEAR dog, it does not highlight occurrences of cat that are not near an instance of dog. However, for the expression fish OR cat NEAR dog, it highlights all instances of fish, as well as expressions that contain cat near dog.

Actions: Query
Type: String
Default: Off
Example: Highlight=terms
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HighlightType configuration parameter