A document field that contains FieldText matching expressions. This parameter has an effect only when you set the AgentBooleanField parameter, and when you set TextParse to True.

The FieldTextField that you specify must exist in your AgentBoolean documents (usually agents or categories). The field contains a FieldText expression that HPE Content Component uses to match against the query documents.

In a TextParse query, you supply an IDX or XML document as the query text. HPE Content Component extracts the TextParseIndexType fields from this document, and uses the contents of these fields as query text to search for AgentBoolean documents. HPE Content Component then checks the AgentBoolean and FieldText fields in the matching AgentBoolean documents. It returns the AgentBoolean document as a result if the AgentBoolean expression in the document matches the query text, and the FieldText expression matches the fields in the query IDX or XML document.




Type: String


In this example, HPE Content Component finds documents that match the content of the TextParseIndexType fields in the query document. For matching documents, it matches the content of the document ABFIELD field to match the query text, and it matches the FieldText expression in the FTFIELD field against the fields of the query IDX or XML document.

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