The document field in stored AgentBoolean documents that contains the SecurityInfo for the agent or category. Use this parameter when your index contains secure documents that you want to match against agents and categories.

When you index AgentBoolean documents, you can include a security field to store the security information for the user that owns the agent, or for the category. When you use the agent or category to query for secure documents, HPE Content Component uses this information (in the SecurityInfo parameter) to return only documents that the agent or category has permission to view.

Similarly, when you use a document to query for agents or categories, you set AgentSecurityField to the name of this field in your indexed agents and categories, and HPE Content Component checks the document ACL against the security information in the agents and categories. In this case, HPE Content Component returns only agents and categories that have permission to view the document that you use to query.

If you use this parameter, you must also use the AgentBooleanField and TextParse parameters. The XML or IDX document that you supply can contain an ACLType field and a SecurityType field, which must be configured in the Agentstore and HPE Content Component configuration files.


Before you index AgentBoolean agents and categories, you must index a dummy document that contains any ACLType, SecurityType, AgentBoolean and FieldText fields that exist in the XML or IDX documents that you use to query (withTextParse set to True). For example:


The fields can be empty to ensure that the dummy document never matches any queries, or you can delete the dummy document from the database after you index it.

For more information, refer to the IDOL Server Administration Guide.




Type: String
Example: AgentSecurityField=MySecurityField
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