A document field that contains AgentBoolean matching expressions.

AgentBoolean fields contain Boolean or proximity matching expressions. In an AgentBoolean query, the query matches the query text against document content, and then checks the AgentBoolean field for matching documents. If the AgentBoolean expression in the document also matches the query text, HPE Content Component returns the document as a result.

For example:

action=Query&Text=The cat sat on the mat&AgentBooleanField=MyBooleanField

This query returns a document if:

If the text matches, but the MyBooleanField contains an expression that does not match (for example, cat AND mat AND dog or mat BEFORE dog), the document does not return.


You can also use fuzzy operators such as DREFUZZY and DREFUZZYN, and the SOUNDEX operator, in AgentBoolean expressions.




Type: String
Example: AgentBooleanField=MyBooleanField
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