The Abridged parameter is an internal setting, which the Distributed Action Handler (DAH) uses for abridged queries. For more information about abridged queries, refer to the DAH Reference.

To use abridged queries with the DAH, you can set the AbridgedThreshold configuration parameter in the DAH configuration file. In this case, for queries where DAH requires more results than the specified threshold, it sends the queries with Abridged set to True to return abridged query results. This option can reduce DAH memory usage for large queries and reduce the amount of data that IDOL transmits over the network.

When Abridged is set to True, HPE Content Component uses a different XML response format, and returns only the IDs and relevance weights of the query results. If you also set PrintFields, HPE Content Component returns the values of the specified fields.

This option gives DAH information about the number of results available in each child server, and it can use the information to request additional content in subsequent requests.





Type: Boolean
Default: False
Example: Abridged=True
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