The SUBSTRING field specifier (case sensitive) allows you to return documents whose field value is a substring of a specified string (or equal to a specified strings).



Type one or more strings. A document is only returned if one of yourFields contains a substring of one of the specified strings. You can match strings that contain punctuation (but see Note below) or consist of several words.


To distinguish query syntax punctuation from punctuation within strings, double-percent-encode commas and curly braces within strings. Query syntax punctuation must be left unencoded. There must be no space before or after a separator comma.

yourFields Type one or more fields. A document is only returned if it contains one of these fields, and if the value in this field is a substring of yourStrings. Separate multiple fields with colons (:). There must be no space before or after a colon.



A document's SECTOR field must contain a string that is a substring of Telecommunications or Technology. If a document's SECTOR field, for example, has the value Telecom or Technology, the document is returned. If a document's SECTOR field has the value Latest Technology, the document is not returned.


A document's ANIMAL field value must contain a substring of scattering or doggedly for this document to be returned. If a document's ANIMAL field, for example, has the value cat or dog, this document is returned.