The minimum length of time that a user must keep a password. When a user changes their password, they must keep the new password for the specified duration. This option prevents users from immediately changing their password back to a previous password.

Specify the duration in the following format:




is the number of time units to elapse.


is the time unit to apply. The following units are available:

  • second
  • seconds
  • minute
  • minutes
  • hour
  • hours
  • day
  • days
  • week
  • weeks
  • month
  • months

If you do not specify a TimeUnit, HPE Community Component reads the specified number as seconds.

If you do not want to set a minimum time length for user passwords, set KeepPasswordDuration to -1.

Type: Long
Default: -1 (disabled)
Required: No
Configuration Section: User
Example: KeepPasswordDuration=6months
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