The time period after which inactive users are locked. This option allows you to automatically lock user accounts in HPE Community Component if they have been inactive for the specified period. A user is considered inactive if they have not logged on successfully for the specified period.

Specify the period in the following format:




is the number of time units to elapse.


is the time unit to apply. The following units are available:

  • second
  • seconds
  • minute
  • minutes
  • hour
  • hours
  • day
  • days
  • week
  • weeks
  • month
  • months

If you do not specify a TimeUnit, HPE Community Component reads the specified number as seconds.

If you do not want to lock inactive users, set InactiveUserLockDuration to -1.

Type: Long
Default: -1 (deactivated)
Required: No
Configuration Section: User
Example: InactiveUserLockDuration=3months
See Also: InactiveUserLockCycleDuration