Allows you to control how easily you can modify a user profile with text from new documents.

The MatchThreshold value determines the minimum percentage relevance that the input text or document must have to an existing agent in the specified profile. For documents that match with a relevance higher than MatchThreshold, HPE Community Component updates the existing agent.

If none of the existing agents match with a high enough relevance, HPE Community Component creates a new agent in the profile, using the terms and weights from the input text as training. If the configured NumberPerUser maximum number of agents has been reached, HPE Community Component removes the agent that has the lowest relevance to the new input text.

A low value for MatchThreshold means that HPE Community Component frequently updates the profile agents with input documents. A high value means that HPE Community Component frequently creates new profile agents.

Actions: ProfileUser
Type: Long
Default: 20
Allowed Range: Minimum: 0
Maximum: 100
Example: MatchThreshold=30
See Also: DefaultMatchThreshold