Allows you to perform a custom action.


This action uses port 9000 to instruct HPE Community Component, which is located on a machine with the IP address to use the user_email library to run a custom action that sends an e-mail from to with the subject line Business and the comment Urgent. The e-mail contains the document with the reference


Parameter Description Required
Comment A comment to send in an e-mail.  
EmailAddress The e-mail address of the user.  
FieldFieldName A field for the user.  
From The e-mail address of the e-mail sender.  
Function A library function. Yes.
ID The ID of the document to send by e-mail. See Comments
Library The configuration section in which the custom library is defined. Yes
Reference The reference of the document to send by e-mail. See Comments
Subject The e-mail subject line.  
Security The security field for the user.  
To The e-mail address of the e-mail recipient.  
URL The URL to send by e-mail. See Comments
XMLEncoding Overrides the default XML encoding.  

This action accepts the following standard ACI action parameters.

Parameter Description
ActionID A string to use to identify an ACI action.
EncryptResponse Encrypt the output.
FileName The file to write output to.
ForceTemplateRefresh Forces the server to load the template from disk.
Output Writes output to a file.
ResponseFormat The format of the action output.
Template The template to use for the action output.
TemplateParamCSVs A list of variables to use for the specified template.


You must set one of the following parameters:

If you set more than one of these parameters, only one is used. URL is used in preference, then the ID, and then the Reference.