Whether to add mailing-operation results to recently viewed docs list. IDOL Community Component stores a list of the documents that a user has viewed recently. If you have enabled the IDOL Community Component mailing operation, DefaultAddSetToReadDocuments specifies whether to add results that are sent to a user to the list of previously viewed documents.

Type true to add results to this list, after they have been mailed to the user. You can specify whether previously viewed documents are sent with results, by setting DefaultExcludeReadDocuments.

Type false if you do not want to add results to the list of previously viewed documents.

Note: You can override the DefaultAddSetToReadDocuments setting for individual users by setting up an AddSetToReadDocuments user field (using the UserEdit action).

Type: Boolean
Default: False
Required: No
Configuration Section: MyCustomFunctionality
Example: DefaultAddSetToReadDocuments=true
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