Role Actions

RoleAdd Creates a new role.
RoleAddPrivilege Creates a new privilege.
RoleAddRoleToRole Adds a role to another role.
RoleAddUserToRole Adds a user to a role.
RoleDelete Deletes a role.
RoleDeletePrivilege Deletes a privilege.
RoleDoesUserHavePrivilege Determines whether a user has a specific privilege.
RoleGetChildRoleList Lists the roles belonging to a role.
RoleGetParentRoleList Lists the parent roles for a role.
RoleGetPrivilegeList Lists privileges.
RoleGetRoleList Lists all roles.
RoleGetRolePrivilegeValueList Returns a role's privilege values.
RoleGetUserList Lists the user in a role.
RoleGetUserPrivilegeValueList Lists the values of a user's privilege.
RoleIsRoleInRole Determines whether a role is a child of a specified role.
RolePrivilegeGetRoleList Returns a list of roles containing the specified privilege.
RoleRemovePrivilegeFromRole Removes a privilege from a role.
RoleRemoveRoleFromRole Removes a role from a parent role.
RoleRemoveUserFromRole Removes a user from a role.
RoleSetPrivilegeForRole Sets a value for a privilege in a role.
RoleUserGetRoleList Lists a user's roles.