Note: This parameter description applies to the AgentAdd and AgentEdit actions.

Allows you to edit a field that is associated with the specified agent. You must use the following format to edit the field:

FieldName is the name of the field. This name must begin with a letter and cannot contain any spaces.
FieldValue is the value that you want to store in the field.

Note: You must list any field that you want to add to the agent index in the AgentIndexFieldCSVs configuration parameter.

You can specify fields to include as AgentGetResults action parameters for this agent by including the string DRE at the start of the field name. For example:


In this example, DREMaxResults=20 is included in all AgentGetResults actions (unless you override the value with the DREQueryParameter action parameter). Fields that you specify in this way must have the name of a Query action parameter.

In the AgentEdit action, you can delete the DREDatabaseMatch field from an agent by passing an empty string for this field. For example:


This action removes the DREDatabaseMatch field from the agent whose ID is 4.




Type: String
Example: FieldAlert=true
See Also: AgentIndexFieldCSVs