The stop list to use. This parameter applies only to fact bank and passage extractor systems.

A stop list is a list of very common words, which usually add very little meaning to phrases. For example, in English, the and and can often be ignored without losing the sense of a sentence. HPE IDOL uses stop lists to optimize matching.

In a fact bank system, HPE Answer Server uses this stop list to match fact bank codes more broadly. HPE Answer Server attempts to form pseudonym values in the code maps by taking the existing code phrases and removing stop words from the beginning and end of the phrase. Similarly, when HPE Answer Server attempts to match a string to codes, it matches the full phrase, and the phrase with the stop words removed from the beginning and end of the phrase. HPE Answer Server does not attempt to remove stop words from the middle of phrases.


You might want to use a simpler stop list for fact bank than the full stop list that you use in the IDOL Content component, so that it does not remove any useful terms from the code phrases.

In a passage extractor system, HPE Answer Server removes stop words from the classified questions to attempt to find the best match in the data IDOL Content component. HPE Answer Server does not use the stop list for question classification, which often depends on common words, such as question words.

Type: String
Required: No
Configuration Section: Server or MySystem
If you configure StopList in both the [Server] and system configuration sections, the system configuration overrides the server configuration for that system.
Example: StopList=English.dat
See Also: Language