The language to use for stemming. This parameter applies only to fact bank and passage extractor systems.

Stemming is the process of reducing related words, such as plurals and verb forms, to a common linguistic root. For example, in English, helping, helped, and helps all derive from the common root help.

HPE Answer Server uses stemming for fact bank and passage extractor to improve question parsing and answer matching.

Stemming rules are language-dependent. To get the best possible results, you must specify the language that you use in your questions. Ideally, this language is the same as the language of your fact bank or passage extractor grammar file.

Currently these grammar files are available only in English. If you are interested in using fact bank or passage extractor in anther language, contact your HPE account manager.

HPE Answer Server supports the same languages for stemming as the IDOL Content component. For more information, refer to IDOL Expert.

Type: String
Default: English
Required: No
Configuration Section: Server or MySystem
If you configure Language in both the [Server] and system configuration sections, the system configuration overrides the server configuration for that system.
Example: Language=French
See Also: LanguageDirectory