Training File Labels

The label has two parts, separated by a colon. The first part is the class of the question, the second part is a subdivision. There are six classes:

The following table describes the available subdivisions for each class.

Label Description Example question
ABBR:abb Abbreviation questions. What is the abbreviation for micro?
ABBR:exp Expression questions. What does HPE stand for?
ENTY:animal Animal questions. Which type of bird migrates between the North and South pole?
ENTY:body Organs of the body. Which artery takes blood to the head?
ENTY:color Colors. What was FDR's favorite color?
ENTY:cremat Inventions, books, other creative pieces. What film starred Al Pacino and Robert Deniro?
ENTY:currency Currency names. What currency do they use in Laos?
ENTY:dismed Diseases and medicine. What diseases can be transmitted by mosquitoes?
ENTY:event Events. What major sporting event was held in Australia in 2000?
ENTY:food Food. What Italian dish is made of soft dumplings?
ENTY:instrument Musical instrument. What is Jimi Hendrix famous for playing?
ENTY:lang Languages. What language is spoken in Cambodia?
ENTY:letter Letters like a-z. Which letter is the most common in Finnish?
ENTY:other Other entities. Which shape has 14 sides?
ENTY:plant Plants. What is the most poisonous plant?
ENTY:product Products. What shampoo is best for dandruff?
ENTY:religion Religions. What is the religion that worships Prince Phillip?
ENTY:sport Sports. Which sport involves people dressed in white standing around doing absolutely nothing for several days straight?
ENTY:substance Elements and substance. What chemicals make up mica?
ENTY:symbol Symbols and signs. What is the chemical formula for diamond?
ENTY:techmeth Techniques and methods. What methods are used to measure atmospheric pressure?
ENTY:termeq Equivalent terms. What is the name of the Thai alphabet?
ENTY:vehicle Vehicles. What is the largest plane ever made?
ENTY:word Words with a special property. What English words have Japanese origin?
DESC:def A definition of something. What is dyslexia?
DESC:desc A description of something. What is the difference between a centipede and a millipede?
DESC:manner A manner of action. How do I apply for a driving license?
DESC:reason Reasons. What caused the American civil war?
HUM:gr A group or organization of persons. Which body elects the president?
HUM:ind An individual. Who wrote 'The unbearable lightness of being?'
HUM:title The title of a person. What is his position in the company?
HUM:desc A description of a person. Who is Serena Williams?
LOC:city Cities. What is the capital of France?
LOC:country Countries. Which country is the best governed?
LOC:mount Mountains. What is the highest mountain in Vietnam?
LOC:other Other locations. What is the biggest lake in the world?
LOC:state States. Which state has the highest lowest point?
NUM:code Postal codes or other codes. What is the White House's post code?
NUM:count The number of something. How many pillars of faith are there in Islam?
NUM:date Dates. When was the battle of Waterloo?
NUM:dist Linear measures. How long is the River Nile?
NUM:money Prices. How much is that doggie in the window?
NUM:ord Ranks. Which episode of the Star Wars saga has the cutest aliens?
NUM:other Other numbers. What is Stephen Hawking's IQ?
NUM:period The duration of something. How long since the last ice age?
NUM:perc Fractions and percentages. What proportion of the Earth is covered in water?
NUM:speed Speeds. How fast is the speed of light?
NUM:temp Temperature. What is the boiling point of nitrogen?
NUM:volsize Size, area, and volume. How big is the sea?
NUM:weight Weight. How much does the average human weigh?