Configure the Passage Extractor Agentstore

The Agentstore component is a specially configured IDOL Content component.

In agent search, you send plain text or a document to the Agentstore, which returns any agents that match the document. In Passage Extractor, you store entity agents in the Agentstore components. For example, each entity agent might define a single name (perhaps with one or more alias names).

When you ask a question, Passage Extractor finds candidate answers in your data store, and uses an agent search to find the entities that these candidate answers contain.

Configure the Agentstore Component

The HPE Answer Server package includes a predefined Passage Extractor Agentstore configuration file, as well as several predefined IDX documents that you can optionally use to populate your Agentstore with entities.


You must use a separate Agentstore component for Passage Extractor and Answer Bank systems.

To configure the Agentstore component for your Passage Extractor

  1. In your HPE Answer Server installation directory, copy the Agentstore agentstore.cfg configuration file, and the IDX files.

  2. Open your Agentstore installation directory.

  3. Paste the HPE Answer Server Agentstore configuration file and IDX files. Overwrite the installed configuration file (you might want to make a copy of it first).

  4. Open the configuration file in a text editor.

  5. Update the [License] section with the host and port information for your License Server. For more information, see Configure the License Server Host and Port.

  6. In the [Server] section, find the Port parameter. Check that the specified port is available on the host machine, or change it to an available port.


    If you modify the port, make sure to update the system configuration in your HPE Answer Server configuration file. See Configure the Passage Extractor System.

  7. In the [Service] section, find the ServicePort parameter. Check that the specified port is available on the host machine, or change it to an available port.

  8. Save and close the configuration file.

Index Entity Agents

After you have configured the Agentstore, you must index the entity agents that Passage Extractor uses.

To do this, you can use a DREADD index action to add the IDX files that you copied into the Agentstore installation directory. For example: