Modify the Question Parser Eduction Grammar

The default question parser grammar provides a large number of possible questions in English (see Example Questions). A version of this grammar file is also available in Italian.

However, if you want to use a Fact Bank in a different language, or if you find that the results for a particular question that you want to use are not ideal, you can add your own entities to the Fact Bank User Grammar.

The FactBankUserGrammar.xml file is included in your HPE Answer Server installation, with the other Fact Bank resources. To modify the Question Parser grammar, you must modify this XML file and compile it by using the edktool command-line tool, which is included in the Eduction SDK.

The FactBankUserGrammar.xml has comments that explain in more detail how to modify the grammar. You can add new entities to the file, for example to provide question formats in different languages. It includes the content in the existing FactBankEductionGrammar.ecr file, so your modifications extend the existing grammar.

When you have modified the grammar, you compile it and deploy it in HPE Answer Server, replacing the standard FactBankEductionGrammar.ecr file.

For more information about Eduction grammars and edktool, refer to the Eduction SDK Programming Guide.