Install HPE Answer Server

HPE Answer Server is available as a ZIP package which includes the files you need to set up HPE Answer Server.

The HPE Answer Server ZIP package includes:

It also includes the appropriate data and configuration files for the different answer systems.

For Answer Bank, the ZIP package includes:

For Fact Bank, the ZIP package includes:

For Passage Extractor, the ZIP package includes:

To install HPE Answer Server, download and unzip the package. You can optionally install HPE Answer Server as a service. See Install an IDOL Component as a Service on Windows or Install an IDOL Component as a Service on Linux.

The ZIP package does not include the subcomponent executable files. For each system, you must also download and install the associated subcomponents. The following sections provide more information about the requirements for each system:

External Dependencies

On Linux operating system platforms, if you want to use any of the functionality that uses an ODBC connection, HPE recommends explicitly setting the ODBCSYSINI environment variable. This variable specifies the directory that contains the odbcinst.ini file, which contains details of available ODBC drivers on your system.

For example, on some systems you must set ODBCSYSINI=/etc, and on others ODBCSYSINI=/usr/local/etc.

In particular, HPE recommends that you set this environment variable if you want to use a SQL Fact Store with your Fact Bank systems, or Answer Bank statistics.