The number of days that you want to consider popularity information for your question equivalence classes.

When you configure StatsStorage, Answer Server sends statistics to your statistics database each time the text of an Ask action matches the rule for a question equivalence class. It stores the popularity information for the question equivalence classes.

Periodically, Answer Server also requests the popularity information and uses it to populate a usage count field in the question equivalence class, in the Answer Bank Agentstore component. PopularityWindowDays specifies the number of days of information that Answer Server requests from the database. For example, the default value requests information from the last week, and updates the usage count field with the number of matches in the last week.

The database does not expire the data after this amount of time, so you can increase the value of PopularityWindowDays, and Answer Server requests and updates the count information accordingly.

Type: Integer
Default: 7
Required: No
Configuration Section: MySystem
Example: PopularityWindowDays=31
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