The name of a configuration section that contains details of parameter values to use for passage extractor queries. This parameter applies only when Type is set to PassageExtractor.

Answer Server sends queries to the data IDOL Content component to retrieve candidate answers. You can use this option to set particular parameters for these queries, for example to query only a particular set of databases.

Set CandidateRetrievalDefaults to the name of a configuration section. You must create a configuration section with this name. The configuration section can contain any valid IDOL Content component Query parameter. When Answer Server sends candidate retrieval queries to the configure IDOL Content component, it uses these parameter values.


You can also set parameters that you want to set in your queries by using the AllowedQueryParameters parameter. This option lists parameters that Answer Server must pass through from the action it receives to the queries that it sends to other components.

If you set one of these allowed parameters in a query, Answer Server uses the query value, rather than the value in the CandidateRetrievalDefaults configuration. You can use the CandidateRetrievalDefaults configuration to set default values, which you can override in particular queries as required.

For more information about the IDOL Content component Query action parameters, refer to the IDOL Server Reference.

Type: String
Required: No
Configuration Section: MySystem
Example: CandidateRetrievalDefaults=CandidateRetrievalParams

See Also: AllowedQueryParameters