The configuration section in which you specify the configuration details for connecting to the IDOL Content component or Agentstore component for this system, usually SSLOptionN. You must set this parameter to use SSL connections between components.

This parameter configures the SSL connection to the component that you configure by using IDOLACIPort and IDOLHost.


Answer Server uses the same SSL configuration for ACI and indexing requests to the Content or Agentstore component.

For a system where Type is set to AnswerBank, this parameter points to the Agentstore component that stores questions and question equivalence classes.

For a system where Type is set to PassageExtractor, this parameter points to the Content component that contains the data that you want to use to find answers.

For a system where Type is set to FactBank, and BackendType is set to Content, this parameter points to the Content component that contains the fact store. This parameter is not required if BackendType is set to sqldb.


The IDOL Content component fact store is deprecated from Answer Server version 11.5. HPE recommends that you use a SQL database instead.

The Content option is still available for existing implementations, but it might be incompatible with new functionality. The option might be deleted in future.

Type: String
Required: No
Configuration Section: MySystem
Example: IDOLSSLConfig=SSLOption2
See Also: IDOLACIPort
Secure Socket Layer Parameters