The location and name of the Passage Extractor classifier behavior file. This parameter applies only when Type is set to PassageExtractor.

The classifier behavior file contains details of question classifications that it must treat differently. In particular, it includes information about whether to always or never consider other question classifications when a particular classification is identified as the primary classification. 

For example, you generally want to consider other location classifications when a question matches the LOC:other classification. Similarly, for classifications that match descriptive questions you can explicitly never include other classifications, because classifications that match entities are less relevant, but might score higher in the results.

The primary classification is determined by a probability threshold, which is 0.85 by default.

If you move or rename the classification behavior JSON file, set ClassifierBehaviorFile to the new name and location.

You can also modify the contents of the file for your system, for example if you want to change the probability thresholds or use your own classification labels. You can retrieve the JSON schema by sending the GetResources action with Type set to schema.

Type: String
Required: No
Configuration Section: MySystem
Example: ClassifierBehaviorFile=classifier_behavior.json
See Also: ClassifierFile