The number of conversation sessions to request from the License Server when Answer Server starts.

Your Answer Server license includes a certain number of simultaneous conversation sessions, which applies for your whole IDOL system as an aggregate license. For example, if your license allows you to have 10 simultaneous sessions, you might have a single Answer Server, which runs up to 10 sessions, or five Answer Servers that run up to two sessions each.

Rather than request a session license seat each time a session starts, Answer Server requests licenses in batches. When it first starts, it requests the number of seats that you specify in ConversationSessionHeadroom.

As you start conversation sessions on Answer Server, it uses these pre-assigned session license seats until it runs out. When you try to start a session and it does not have any pre-assigned seats available, Answer Server requests a license for the new session from your License Server, along with a new batch of session licenses (the ConversationSessionHeadroom number of seats).

You can modify the value of ConversationSessionHeadroom to a suitable value for your license limits and your system. For example, if you have a single Answer Server, you might want to set ConversationSessionHeadroom to a high value. If you have more Answer Server instances running, you might want to use a lower value, to ensure that one server does not run out of seats while another is not using its whole capacity.

As sessions end and the number of unused licenses in Answer Server increases beyond ConversationsessionHeadroom, Answer Serverautomatically returns seats to License Server. You can send the GetLicenseInfo action to Answer Server to check how many conversation session seats have been assigned to it, and how many are in use.

Type: Integer
Default: 5
Required: No
Configuration Section: Service
Example: ConversationSessionHeadroom=15
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