TaskUtils Methods

A TaskUtils object is an operation to perform with a conversation task. This object is the input to the function that you use for your conversation task (you specify the function to use in your task configuration JSON file).

If you have a TaskUtils object, you can call its methods by using the ':' operator. For example:

Method Description
ask Sends a question to Answer Server answer systems.
deleteAllSessionVars Deletes all the session variables from the conversation session.
deleteAllTaskVars Deletes all task variables from the current task.
deleteSessionVar Deletes a specified session variable from the conversation session.
deleteTaskVar Deletes a specified task variable from the current task.
getPrompts Gets the list of prompts that the current task will return.
getSessionVar Gets the value of a specified session variable.
getTaskId Gets the ID of the current task.
getTaskVar Gets the value of a specified task variable.
getUserText Gets the user input text.
getValidator Gets a validator object that you can use to validate a string.
markAsValid Marks a string as valid text.
setNextTask Sets the ID of the task to run next.
setPrompts Sets a list of prompts to return in the current task.
setSessionVar Sets the value of a specified session variable.
setTaskVar Sets the values of a specified task variable.