A JSON object that defines additional requirements for the Ask action.

For a Passage Extractor system, you can use CustomizationData to supply a SecurityInfo string to use with your Ask action. For Passage Extractor, this option allows you to use document security with the IDOL Content Data Index, to ensure that users receive answers only from documents that they have access to.

For Fact Bank, this option allows you to use document security with the facts in your SQL database fact store. To use security with Fact Bank, you must have a SQL database fact store, which includes the sources and security_types tables, with ACL information for your sources. You must also configure the security types in your Answer Server configuration file. For more information, refer to the Answer Server Administration Guide and see Security Configuration Parameters.

You can retrieve the full schema for the customization data object by sending the GetResources action with Type set to Schema.

Actions: Ask
Type: String
Example: CustomizationData=[{"system_name":"MyPassageExtractor", "security_info": "MTQ0lGDBkNrJvBv0pOi%2BQDBK1z6y/1/09BqL4Vu/18W7JGCy8Pvm4/wixO/pI99/A=="}]
See Also: GetResources action Type parameter