Set Up a Fact Bank System

A Fact Bank system requires a Fact Store subcomponent, which is usually a SQL database. You can also configure Fact Bank to use a Lua script to retrieve facts from an external fact store.

Fact Bank also requires question parser Eduction grammar files, and a set of coding files. You can optionally configure additional Eduction grammars for advanced time normalization. Advanced time normalization extracts dates and times in various formats from questions and normalize them to a consistent format, to improve fact retrieval.

You must download and install the Fact Store component separately, and update the configuration with any Answer Server-specific configurations.

The following sections describe how to configure and set up your Fact Store and Eduction grammars, and how to configure the coding files.

Configure the Fact Bank System

Configure the Fact Store

Create Coding Files

The Question Parser Eduction Grammar

Configure Security in Fact Bank