Configure the Fact Store

The Fact Store component stores the facts that you want to be able to retrieve. The Fact Store content is structured data, containing the entities and properties for your facts. As such, HPE recommends that you use a SQL database as the backend component for your fact store, because it is optimized for querying structured content.

Alternatively, you can use a Lua script to retrieve facts from an external fact store.

The following sections describe how to set up the Fact Store backend.


In earlier versions of Answer Server you could use an IDOL Content component fact store. This option is deprecated in Answer Server version 11.5 and later. HPE recommends that you use a SQL database as your fact store.

The IDOL Content component fact store option is still available for existing implementations, but it might be incompatible with new functionality. For information about how to set up the IDOL Content component fact store, refer to the documentation for Answer Server version 11.4.