Create a Task Configuration File

The Conversation task configuration file describes all the settings for a particular conversation task, including prompts, triggers, response validation, and the details of Lua scripts to run.

You can retrieve the full schema for the task configuration JSON file by sending the GetResources action with the Type parameter set to Schema.


For ease of maintenance, you can split your task configuration across multiple JSON files. Answer Server merges the configurations together when it runs.

The task configuration file contains one or more conversation tasks. Each task must contain a unique ID (id). You can also set a display_id, which is a user friendly display name that Answer Server uses in a disambiguation message when user input matches the triggers for more than one task (see Conversation Triggers).

The other options you use in a task depend on what you want to the task to do. The following sections describe the main options that you can use in task configuration:

In addition to the task configuration, and the associated validator configuration, the task configuration file also contains: