Configure the Conversation System

The Answer Server configuration file contains information about the subcomponents and settings for your Conversation systems.

For any Conversation system, you must configure the name of a JSON task configuration file, which defines the conversation task in detail. For details about how to create this file, see Create a Task Configuration File.

The following procedure describes how to configure the Conversation system in Answer Server.

In addition, you can optionally configure session expiration for your conversation sessions, and settings for an IDOL Agentstore component that contains triggers for your conversation sessions.

For more details about the configuration parameters for the Conversation system, refer to the Answer Server Reference.

To configure the Conversation System

  1. Open the Answer Server configuration file in a text editor.

  2. Find the [Systems] section, or create one if it does not exist. This section contains a list of systems, which refer to the associated configuration sections for each system.

  3. After any existing systems, add an entry for your new Conversation system. For example:

  4. Create a configuration section for your Conversation system, with the name that you specified. For example, [MyConversation].

  5. Set Type to Conversation.

  6. Set TaskConfigurationFile to the path and file name of the JSON file that contains your task configuration file. You can also specify a comma-separated list of path and file names if you have split your task configuration across multiple files.

  7. Optionally set any additional settings for your conversation system. For more information, refer to the Answer Server Reference.
  8. Save and close the configuration file.

  9. Restart Answer Server for your changes to take effect.

For example:

// Trigger Agentstore
// Session Expiration