Configure the Answer Bank System

The Answer Server configuration file contains information about the subcomponents in your Answer Bank systems.

For any Answer Bank system, you must configure the host and port details of the Answer Bank Agentstore, which is a specially configured IDOL Content component that stores your questions, answers, and question equivalence classes.

The following procedure describes how to configure the Answer Bank system in Answer Server.

There are also several optional parameters in the Answer Bank system, to allow you to modify the paths that Answer Bank uses for failed and queued actions, and how often it updates the Answer Bank usage statistics.

For more details about the configuration parameters for the Answer Bank system, refer to the Answer Server Reference.

To configure the Answer Bank System

  1. Open the Answer Server configuration file in a text editor.

  2. Find the [Systems] section, or create one if it does not exist. This section contains a list of systems, which refer to the associated configuration sections for each system.

  3. After any existing systems, add an entry for your new Answer Bank system. For example:

  4. Create a configuration section for your Answer Bank system, with the name that you specified. For example, [MyAnswerBank].

  5. Set Type to AnswerBank.

  6. Set IDOLHost and IDOLACIPort to the host name and ACI Port of the IDOL Agentstore component that contains the questions and answers.

  7. Save and close the configuration file.

  8. Restart Answer Server for your changes to take effect.

For example: