To use HPE IDOL solutions, you must have a running HPE License Server, and a valid license key file for the products that you want to use. Contact HPE Big Data Support to request a license file for your installation.

License Server controls the IDOL licenses, and assigns them to running components. License Server must run on a machine with a static, known IP address, MAC address, or host name. The license key file is tied to the IP address and ACI port of your License Server and cannot be transferred between machines. For more information about installing License Server and managing licenses, see the License Server Administration Guide.

When you start HPE Answer Server, it requests a license from the configured License Server. You must configure the host and port of your License Server in the HPE Answer Server configuration file.

You can revoke the license from a product at any time, for example, if you want to change the client IP address or reallocate the license.


Taking any of the following actions causes the licensed module to become inoperable.

You must not:

All modules produce a license.log and a service.log file. If a product fails to start, check the contents of these files for common license errors. See Troubleshoot License Errors.