Add a Question

You can use the add question operation to keep track of questions that your users ask, and to make rules based on real questions that hopefully match future questions. For example, you might have your user interface set up to add every question that does not have an answer to the Answer Bank, to build up a list of frequently asked questions, which you can add answers for.

To add a question, you use a ManageResources action in a POST request method, with the update provided in the Data parameter as a JSON object.

The following simple example adds a question to the AnswerBank system.

   "operation": "add",
      {"text":"Where do I sign up for the monthly newsletter?"}

You can retrieve the full schema for the JSON object to use by using the GetResources action. See Find the JSON Schema for Your Update.


The ManageResources action fails if you attempt to use request JSON that contains properties that are not contained in the appropriate schema.

The action returns a question_id, which you can use to create and update question equivalence classes and add answers.