The number of seconds between updates of the answer likelihood score field in the questions in your Answer Bank Agentstore. This parameter applies only when you set Type to answerbank.

The answer likelihood score field for a particular question stores the likelihood that there is an existing answer in your question equivalence classes. HPE Answer Server uses the question to query your question equivalence classes, and uses the relevance score of each question equivalence class in the query to calculate the likelihood score.

You can use this score to sort questions by the likelihood in the GetResources action.

Periodically, HPE Answer Server runs a background process to calculate the likelihood scores for all questions in the Answer Bank Agentstore that do not have an answer, and updates the field in those questions. UpdateLikelihoodInterval specifies how often you want to update the score field.

You can update the field more frequently if you need up-to-date information to sort by likelihood. However, for performance reasons HPE recommends that you do not update the likelihood score field too frequently, because it might result in a large number of indexing operations in the Answer Bank Agentstore component.

Type: Integer
Default: 600
Allowed Range: Minimum: 10
Required: No
Configuration Section: MySystem
Example: UpdateLikelihoodInterval=1800
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