The minimum amount of time (in seconds) after deletion that a question or question equivalence class is available to undelete. This parameter is applicable only for systems that have Type set to Answerbank.

When you delete a question or question equivalence class, HPE Answer Server uses ExpireDateType fields in the Answer Bank Agentstore component to manage the expiration of deleted items.

All items in the Answer Bank Agentstore have an ExpireDateType field. Normally, these fields are set such that the questions and question equivalence classes never expire. When you delete an item, HPE Answer Server sets this expiration time to a short time after you delete it.

By default, the expiration time is ten minutes. The default Answer Bank Agentstore configuration runs an expiration schedule every hour. You can therefore expect your question and question equivalences classes to be available to undelete for between ten minutes and an hour and ten minutes.

To change the expiration time that HPE Answer Server assigns to deleted items, modify UndeleteLifetime for your Answer Bank system.

To update the expiration schedule, you must modify the Answer Bank Agentstore configuration. Refer to the IDOL Content Component Reference.

Type: Number
Default: 600
Allowed Range Minimum: 10
Required: No
Configuration Section: MySystem
Example: UndeleteLifetime=1200
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